Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More cook books

So this time I was at Borders. (I had a coupon). I went with the intention to just get the William-Sonoma Potato cookbook, which I did get. I went with my friend and he loves looking at the fiction books, so we browsed those for a while, and then i went back to the cookbooks (cause I'm already in the middle of my own fiction book). He followed me into that section and we were wandering around. He likes to cook as well when he has the time and the food in his house. He made a joke that we should have our own Top Chef Throwdown. (of course I enthusiastically agreed.) Now he is Italian so he has the Sopranos cookbook, while we were looking at all the books I spotted a new Sopranos entertaining cookbook and showed it to him. He was flipping through it looking at he recipes and found a few he liked, so he flipped it to the back to see how much he would have to shell out. $2.99!!!! He was completely shocked and of course he got it, now I'm standing there thinking "hey, I showed it to him I want one too". So we look on the self and there is one more and someone is standing right in front of it. I motion to him to grab it. Him and I got the last 2 copies for 2.99. So I walked out of Borders with 2 cookbooks costing me $15 total.
I'm proud to be quite the savvy shopper.

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