Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Meaty problem

I love to cook, anything...I love baking and making cookies and cakes and pies, but I also love making soups (especially) and yummy twist on boring old recipes. (Like hamburgers, or plain ol' chicken).
Here's my problem: I hate touching raw meat of any kind. YUCK!! Totally grosses me out! I usually make my boyfriend do the dirty work. Like make the hamburger patties, or skewer the chicken bites for kabobs. Now here's the real BIG problem. I have to make my dad a meatloaf for his birthday dinner, part of the making process is having to mix the meat and others with your hands, then molding in with your hands. I'm totally grossing out about this, but I'm trying to help my mom and have a good birthday for my dad (since he was stuck in the hospital for his actual birthday).
I guess I have to suck it up, or get a bulk load of food grade gloves. (I'm opting for the second). If you want to gift me some gloves that'd be good :-)

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