Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm baaaaaaack!

Hi!! I'm back for the day.
Sorry to all 3 of my followers (2 of which I usually talk to on a weekly basis). I have been occupied with my Corgi blog. :-) And that one is much easier to write spur of the moment post on my dog, while at work.
But today... today is is a change of pace.

Let me just let you in on something: Caffeine aka coffee aka energy drinks, they usually do nothing for me. My step-grandmother is Cuban, every time I see her we have some Cuban coffee- You know the very strong, very sweet, in the itty bitty cups coffee. I take 3 shots of those, into the car to head home and I am out like a light bulb.
Energy drinks aka red bull just make me tired. But today I decided to try a Rock Star energy drink. First off it taste MUCH better than red bull it also sugar free and carb free (good for me). It a wild berry flavor and pink, and yummy. I am wired up!
I'm at work, bored, and my main source of entertainment is not going to be here today. Why? you ask.
Cause the office gave him a new title: Massage Therapist aka Mover aka Puppet to do whatever we want him to do.
Not fair, not fair, not fair. I need my sarcastic, side kick, that gets me though the day.
And now not only do I NOT have my side kick of the day, I am hopped up on caffeine!!!!
My eyes want to close, but they are just wired open feeling.

PS. This rock star would be VERY tasty with a splash of vodka. YUM....