Monday, August 31, 2009

Mrs. Alton Brown

As I was sitting here I realized how addicted to the Food Network I really am. My internal clock went off and said to turn the TV on, I know the schedule: Alton Brown Good Eats is at 8 and 11 pm. I love him and his show! I currently have (thanks to my mother birthday present to me) 3 dvds of his episodes, his Feasting on Asphalt book and his gadget book. I'm working on getting his other 2 cookbooks. His show is full of witty and fun facts and some history. Each Good Eats episode lends itself to one food or a style of food. He will do a whole show on bananas or avocados and show the most popular and most interesting recipes. The show is filled with wacky little skits and crazy looking props, but they get the lesson cross.
If it was up to me, and if he wasn't married already: I would marry him. And yes, I have told my boyfriend this. Usually I watch his 11 o'clock show (due to school and work schedule) so I end of falling asleep towards the end of the show. I will almost always send my boyfriend a txt before I head to bed ("good night"). Sometime I will include in that txt that I am falling asleep to my other boyfriend (Alton Brown).
As I love alot of other shows on Food Network, he is my absolute favorite!
You will here alot of references to him and now that I have the gadget book, I will be sharing his expertise.

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