Monday, August 31, 2009

Sittin' on Barnes and Noble floor

I went to Barnes and Noble today, sounds like a good idea... not so much for me. Reason: I am indecisive beyond belief. I usually gravitate toward the murder mysteries and the bargain desk, then COOKBOOKS! Now to top everything off I went with my lovely boyfriend who doesn't help in the matter of choices or restraint (especially if it's not his money).
I found some really great cookbooks and wanted to take them all home, but that would take about 5 paychecks to do so. So i settled for one: "Hello, Cupcake! Interesting playful creations anyone can make" I love making dessert, and especially cupcakes! They are just so cute and perfectly portioned little pieces of yumm-o fluffy cake. Now these are very special cupcakes. They are, as the book title told you, PLAYFUL. It shows you how to make lil' penguin cupcakes, lil' kitties and puppies, and even some bowling pins. :-) Everything on these cupcakes are edible.
I will be trying recipes soon, so look forward to seeing them and pictures to follow.

Other cook books i wanted/must have:
Sunday soup
Williams-sonoma Potato
Alton Brown I'm just here for the food &
I'm just here for more food
Asain cooking
Recipes for your slow cooker

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